Bottled Water Delivery For Summer Hydration

Wisconsin Water Delivery Keeps Offices Hydrated

Dehydration risk is at its peak during summer months, putting your employees and family in danger if they do not regularly drink water. There are multiple dehydration studies which show losing as little as 2% of your body weight in fluids may cause mild dehydration. Some dehydration signs include lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting and heart palpitations. It is extremely important to drink water throughout the day to prevent dehydration from worsening. Take charge of your employees? and family?s health by implementing Wisconsin water delivery services from Century Springs for your home or office.

cs_5gallon_1Milwaukee Water Bottle Delivery Increases Employee Productivity

There is also a connection between employee productivity and staying hydrated. Well-hydrated employees experience the following health benefits compared to those who don?t drink water throughout the day:
  • Process information quicker and produce more work
  • Have less health problems, calling in sick less frequently
  • Have lower stress levels
Not all offices have access to filtered water and not all employees bring their own water bottle.? Century Springs offers affordable water coolers for rent and water bottle delivery in Milwaukee, Madison and Illinois. Our water contains no preservatives, chemicals or other harmful substances, giving your employees maximum health benefits.? Our bottled water and water coolers are affordable and do not require a contract.

Waukesha, Milwaukee, Madison job site drink mix Squincher drink mix delivery from Century Springs in Waukesha, WISqwincher Sports Drink

Studies show your body needs important mineral salts and electrolytes to stay hydrated in summer and when exercising. Our Milwaukee bottled water distributors also offer Sqwincher sports drinks in addition to water delivery services.? Sqwincher is a tasty, electrolyte replacement drink, offering a great additional way to stay hydrated this summer. You can purchase Sqwincher in a variety of styles including water coolers, ready to drink bottles, or powder drink mix.
Contact the Wisconsin water delivery providers at Century Springs for a free quote on our natural spring water or Sqwincher activity drink to stay hydrated at home and in office this summer.