Special Ingredient?

There comes a moment in the day when you start feeling excited about sitting down for dinner with your friends, loved ones or even the dog. But do you ever think to yourself, “I have tried everything to make that spaghetti taste just like Mom’s and something is still missing.”   Well, what if it’s not something you left out, but something you accidentally added?  
In the Midwest, ancient seabeds left extremely large concentrations of limestone in the ground, which makes the water in our homes the hardest in the country. Many of the local municipal water supply companies also add high levels of chlorine, which further affects drinking water quality.
What does that all mean?  
The water from your tap might not be as pure as you think. To create a safe drinking water, public works departments might use a few special ingredients of their own. The water you use to cook, bake, and even wash with absorbs these impurities, giving the water a funny taste or look.  
Using spring or purified water will alleviate that foul-tasting culprit in Mom’s spaghetti, but call her anyway—she might have another secret ingredient!  
So water we doing about it?  
For over 100 years, we at Century Springs have never added any harmful ingredients to our already great tasting Wisconsin Spring Water. Learn more about our bottle delivery options and how we can help you do Mom proud.