The Taste of Water

How do you explain the taste of water? 
It is hard to do but most of us know what water tastes good and what doesn’t. We recently performed a blind taste test on some of the most popular brands of water you can find in Southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee’s own tap water.  The test was conducted by non-partial participants, to see what they felt was the best tasting water and why. 
Check out the results!
Brands Tested   Brand Source   Type
 Eternal  Allegheny Mountains Springbrook Springs, New York   Spring 
 Smart Water  Undefined – not available on label or website  Distilled
Aquafina  Artesian aquifer  Purified
Fiji  Uaqara, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands  Spring
 Century Springs  Genesee spring, Genesee, Wisconsin  Spring
Life Water   Undefined – not available on label or website  Purified, pH balanced, with electrolytes
Milwaukee Tap Water  Milwaukee tap Water from 53204  Tap
Core Hydration  Undefined – not available on label or website  Ultra-purified, pH balanced with electrolytes and minerals
Part 1: Blind Taste Test
The best tasting water of the 8 tested: (Tie) - Century Springs and Smart Water
Part 2: Head to Head Comparison
See if your favorites made the tasters favorites!
Best tasting purified/distilled water Smart Water
Least Tasting purified/distilled water: Core Hydration
Best tasting Spring Water: (Tie) -FIJI and Century Springs
Least tasting Spring Water:  Eternal Water
Part 3: Expensive tasting or not?
During the test, we asked our tasters to tell us if they considered the water they were tasting an expensive bottle of water ($2 or more per bottle). 
The water most considered expensive tasting: Aquafina
Actual price: Below $2/bottle
The water most considered inexpensive tasting: FIJI
Actual price: $2 or more/bottle  
With these tests there was a quick realization that that highly expensive bottle of water doens't always taste the best.  So, what are you paying for, the bottle, the label the marketing?
Looking for your own Private Label bottles?  Century Springs is launching its own Private Label division.  Now you can have the best tasting water with your own logo or specialty artwork on the bottle.